Online interventions | Sociology homework help


Adolescence is a time of trials and tribulations. Teens are dealing with the formation of self and identifying who they are in the world. They are also experiencing biological changes that create mood swings and at times emotional outbursts. Interventions for this group can be challenging, as adolescents often avoid asking for assistance. This avoidance is due to their desire to look normal and fit in. Online interventions might be one way to reach adolescents who need help.

For this Discussion, choose a concern that adolescents face, such as depression, suicide, self-esteem, eating disorders, substance abuse, or family dynamics and family conflict. Conduct research to find an online intervention that addresses this concern. 

Post a description of an Internet-based intervention used with adolescents to address the concern you identified. Describe the intervention and the underlying theory. Identify the target behaviors that this intervention is used to address. Finally, describe the strengths and weaknesses of the intervention.

Accessing non-renewable resources | Sociology homework help


As Hite and Seitz (2016) discuss in Chapter 9: Alternative Futures, developed and developing countries that have access to the planet’s resources (because they can buy those resources from others or because those resources exist in abundance in that country) continue to grow at a fast pace, placing a tremendous strain on the availability of nonrenewable resources.

Briefly, what non-renewable natural resources are most at risk of depletion?

Discuss some sustainable development models that have broad applicability to the needs and consumption demands of both developing and developed countries.

Current issues affecting the classroom

Constant changes occurring in early childhood education make staying up-to-date with current educational trends and issues critical for early childhood educators. Trends and issues in education affect teachers, and ultimately, students. Therefore, teachers need to stay abreast of current research in order to advocate and incorporate developmentally appropriate practices.

For this assignment, you will be researching a current issue in early childhood education, and advocating for your position on the issue.

Part 1: Resources

After you have selected an early childhood education issue to advocate, using the “Current Issues Affecting the Classroom” template, provide four resources for stakeholders (families, educators, elected officials, community members, etc.) that provide information about the issue and its importance in early childhood education. Include links to your resources, along with a 50-100 word explanation for each resource detailing how it supports your call to action.

Part 2: Speech

Write and videotape a two-minute speech advocating for your position on the early childhood education issue.

Your speech should include:

Description of the issue and your position

Proposal for modifying or changing the current cause or policy

Support through a minimum of two suggested and researched strategies

A conclusion reiterating your position and how it will change or improve the early childhood education issue

You will be evaluated on the content of your speech, including introduction, research, and call to action, as well as your presentation and delivery. Show professionalism in your speech and appearance.

Use an online video platform such as Loom, YouTube, or Vimeo to upload your completed video. Be sure that others can access and view your linked video prior to submitting. Include the link on your completed “Current Issues Affecting the Classroom” template.

Support your speech with 3-5 scholarly references, and list them on the “Current Issues Affecting the Classroom” template.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Professional development plan | Nursing homework help

Develop your own personal nursing philosophy, using previously developed philosophies (cite sources). You will then set short term and long term goals keeping in mind intrinsic and extrinsic forces that may aid or hinder your progress.  Look back at your Professional Development Inventory and Leadership Self-Assessment. Use these tools as you develop your own professional development plan for both short term and long term success.    

Discussion for internship course | Article writing homework help




Do not forget that your reply to my post when you create a thread after clicking on Weekly Forum must be at least 150 words; and when replying to your classmates, your minimum word count is 50 words. You are also responsible to cite your references. In addition, use Grammarly for grammatical and spelling errors. It is a free download. Do not forget to cite your references in APA style.

“Green” and “sustainable” have become two of the most widely used words in the English language. But what do they mean in terms of your business?

Going green means reducing the overall environmental impact of your business. That holistic approach includes compliance (Links to an external site.) issues that protect both you and the environment. When you combine those initiatives with energy efficiency (Links to an external site.) measures that conserve the earth’s resources, you make your business more efficient, and reduce costs. Green Your Business, (n.d.) Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

After reading some of the articles and watching the videos in the Lectures and Required Resources links in the Course Material folder, answer the following questions: 

  1. What is your Internship company doing regarding “Going Green”?
  2. If your answer is nothing, what would you recommend your company should do to help sustain the eco system?
  3. Why is this such a hot topic?

Please have at least three paragraphs, with two sources. Please answer at least two classmates, by name, with reasons and examples.


1-)Nikolai Bazhenov

  1. What is your Internship company doing regarding “Going Green”?

John’s Gourmet Food Services is a wholesale produce retailer and dealing with natural products is the basis of the business. The management at John’s realizes that, that is why they work hard to keep the green image. Firstly and most importantly, the company has made green thinking a part of company’s future. The facility uses energy-efficient light bulbs, recycles, uses natural cleaning products and replaced the plastic water bottles glasses and cooler. 

Besides that, the company follows that idea that providing a friendly, non-toxic environment is also a part of being green. Therefore, the office has its own kitchen where employees can eat healthier food. The company provides safe, creative environment for employees to do their work.  

  1. If your answer is nothing, what would you recommend your company should do to help sustain the eco system?

Looking at practices at John’s Gourmet Food Services, it seems like the company is already “green enough”. However, now the top management is introducing paperless receipt system.  Delivery drivers will be able to take signatures on their tablets and they will be automatically sent to the accounting department. This will not only reduce the amount of paper printed for customers, but also will make the accounting department fully paperless. I believe that John’s is on the right track when it comes to saving  the environment. 

  1. Why is this such a hot topic?

As indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency there is little uncertainty that natural issues will modify the administrative and market scene soon. energy-effective organizations will be better ready to explore these administrative changes and be better situated to climate negative occasions like energy value spikes. Likewise, shoppers are rushing to safe, non-dangerous, green items. Individuals are winding up increasingly aware of their decisions and are happy to put more in an item to take an interest in this development and to secure their family. 

That by itself ought to be sufficient inspiration. In any case, consider additionally that a considerable lot of the world’s top associations are putting billions of dollars into ecological supportability programs- – a decent sign that entrepreneurs ought to stick to this same pattern.

2-)Keely Portillo

Going Green can be very beneficial to businesses. When a company decides to go green it means that the company is making a concerted effort to reduce its negative impact on the environment. This can be done by reducing utility costs, recycling and reusing procedural programs, and by buying green products and services. By going green company can potentially reduce its expenses, gain customers and boost employee morale (Lorette, 2017). Unfortunately, form what I know the company where I am doing my internship is no doing anything regarding “going green.”

Something that can be recommended to the company to help the environment is going paperless. In order for companies to contribute to the environment, they should use less paper and keep the files or any other documentation digital as possible. One way in which companies can reduce the waste of paper is by switching from a fax machine to fax modem in order to be able to send and receive paperless files. In order to reduce the use of paper the company can also electronic forms and email documents that need to be read (Al-Masri, 2015). According to a 2014 conducted study, if a company reduces its paper use by 10% by moving to digital “it would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 1.45 million metric tons—the equivalent to taking 280,000 cars off the road for an entire year” (Rayome, 2017). Another recommendation will be to maximize natural light. Studies have proved that natural daylight improves workers’ productivity and satisfaction. Employees should also be encouraged to bring small plants to the office because they are natural air filters.  They can also try to conserve energy by putting the computer in sleep mode is not in use (Al-Masri, 2015).

Going green is such a hot topic in today’s day because it is an issue in which many people are passionate about. This has led to a great number of businesses to make an effort to go green as well. Going green is a hot topic because by practicing we can reduce air pollution which can potentially have serious consequences on the environment and people’s health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution has led to the premature death of 3 million people. Pollution does not only affects our health but it also affects wildlife. Massachusetts’ Department of Environmental Protection states that “ Decreasing air pollutants would reduce water pollution by decreasing acid rain and eutrophication that can harm wildlife especially in aquatic environments, and crops and trees” (Kinhal, n.d.). Overall, going green is such a hot topic in today’s day because we are at the point in which due to a lot of the various environmental issues every body’s life is under the threat of extinction.

Prejudice, discrimination, and aggression among offenders


Issues related prejudice, discrimination, and aggression are present in many different aspects of offender behavior and interactions. Sometimes it could be an offender’s prejudicial attitude that produces a negative consequence, but it could also be aspects of the criminal justice system that have been ineffectively designed to address these issues. This assignment asks you to analyze the issues that relate to the concepts during offender rehabilitation.

Review the APA resources in the Center for Writing Excellence.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis of the occurrence of prejudice, discrimination, and aggression among offenders while receiving correctional program support services for rehabilitation. Include the following:

· Determine possible causes of aggressive behavior in this setting, according to the theories of aggression.

· Describe possible effects of prejudice, discrimination, and aggression on offenders and their social relationships. 

· Describe potential organizational issues that may arise due to prejudice, discrimination, or aggression. 

· Describe possible methods to prevent issues related to these concepts from recurring. 

Include a minimum of three sources.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Benchmark – science unit plan


For this benchmark, you will complete and revise the “Science Unit Plan” template, integrated with health and activity, (fitness, body, physical, emotional, motor skills) and aligned to state content standards, based on feedback from your instructor. The “Science Unit Plan” template includes developed lesson titles, summary and rationale, learning objectives, standards, instructional strategies, differentiation, materials, resources, and technology for five lessons that includes a minimum of two of the following content disciplines: 

  • Scientific Method
  • Health (Human Movement, Activity, Fitness, Emotional Health, Motor Skills) 
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Earth Science
  • Space Science
  • Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science

Part 1: Assessments

The final part of the “Science Unit Plan” is to include formative evidence-based assessment strategies to gauge student learning for each individual lesson.

Using the “Class Profile,” develop an end-of-unit summative assessment and

  • List how you will formatively assess the learning for each lesson.
  • Description of the summative assessment for the entire unit.

The completion of your “Science Unit Plan” should fulfill all requirements of the unit plan and considerations for the successful instruction of each lesson.

Ensure that your unit plan includes:

  • Age-appropriate lessons that incorporate the fundamental concepts of multiple areas of science, based on your state standards, integrated to build student understanding for personal and social application in science.
  • Integrate major concepts in health education by creating opportunities for development and practice of skills that contribute to positive understanding of physical activity and health education. 
  • Instructional strategies that promote understanding and skills of physical activity that foster active, healthy lifestyles and enhanced quality of life for students.

 Part 2: Reflection

In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect on the process of creating a cohesive, weeklong unit plan that successfully incorporates multiple areas of science integrated with health. What strategies can you use to create opportunities to promote health education that positively contributes to a good quality of life for students? Why is this important? How can this be incorporated into your future classroom?

Support your findings with a minimum of three scholarly resources. 

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide,  An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Program competencies and national standards assessed in the benchmark assignment:

2.2: Use fundamental concepts of physical, life, and earth/space sciences to design and implement age-appropriate lessons, centered on the principles of scientific inquiry, to build student understanding for personal and social applications, and to convey the nature of science. [ACEI 2.2; InTASC 4(a), 4(f), 4(g), 5(c), 5(h); MC2]

2.6: Use the major concepts in the subject matter of health education to create opportunities for student development and practice of skills that contribute to good health. [ACEI 2.6; InTASC 5(j); MC2]

2.7: Use instructional strategies that promote, as appropriate to their own understanding and skills, human movement and physical activity as central elements to foster active, healthy life styles, and enhanced quality of life for elementary students. [ACEI 2.7; InTASC 5(j); ISTE-T 2a]

Stakeholder support is necessary for a successful change proposal | NRS 490

 Stakeholder support is necessary for a successful change proposal project implementation. Consider your internal stakeholders, such as the facility, unit or health care setting where the change process is situated, and your external stakeholders, like an individual or group outside the health care setting. Why is their support necessary to the success of your project, and how you will go about securing that support? 

Survey project | Computer Science homework help


Survey Project

Part   1

Create   Survey

Create a survey or questionnaire   that could be used and collect data for a purpose or project of your choice.   The idea is to think through the process and identify questions that would   assist you in understanding how data is collected to make meaningful data   visualizations.

Your survey should consist of at   least 25 questions, include at least five items to collect demographic   information.

Within your survey include a at   least three of the following in addition to the 5 demographic questions.

At least:

3 multiple choice questions

3 Yes or No questions

3 Likert Scale Question

3 Open Ended questions

Part   2

Administer   Survey

Distribute   and collect your survey from 30 participants.  (Your classmates are not your participants for your survey project, you will need to give your survey out to people who may be interested in your topic.  You can give your survey to: Friends, Family, Co-worker, Employers, Other Students etc.)

Part   3

Analyze   Results

Compile   your survey data into a spread sheet (Excel) or some other tool (this is your   raw data)

Evaluate   and analyze your survey data to brainstorm creating visual presentations of   your data.  You should include a   variety of data visualization tools such as:    tables, charts, graphs, plots etc.    Be reasonable but creative with your data presentation.  * Microsoft Excel offers a variety of   tools.*

Part   4

Create   Data Visualization

Create   a visual presentation of your survey results

Part   5

Complete   Journal

Reflect   on your development of each part of the survey project.  An optional template has been provided

Make   sure your complete Journal Reflection includes:

  1. An Abstract
  2. A detailed description of your process for   completing each of part of the project.    Parts 1-4.
  3. Include a   Reference Page (this is for any outside sources that you may have used)
  4. Appendix
    • Your survey
    • Raw data
    • Your data visuals

Medical term | Applied Sciences homework help

By the due date assigned you will write 3 reports and use them as your script for your Week 2 Oral Report. Your writing section for this assignment will include 2 paragraphs for each of these:

  • The Department of Orthopedics (Musculoskeletal System)
  • The Department of Pulmonology (Respiratory System)
  • The Department of Gastroenterology (Digestive System)

In order to earn the maximum credit for the written report you need to incorporate at least 10 medical terms for each department, using them in a manner that demonstrates your knowledge of their meaning.

  • Include the major or most common diseases or conditions seen in each department.
  • Include at least three of the principal procedures that are relevant to each department.
  • Highlight pertinent laboratory and radiological diagnostic services relevant to each department.
  • Limit your analysis of each department to two paragraphs.