prepare and submit a term paper on Motivational Strategies for the Classroom. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Motivational Strategies for the Classroom. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length.

The reinforcement theory is designed to help analyze the behavior expressed by any one individual and determine how it is reflective of the consequences resulting from the behavior, be it positive or negative. The very nature of the reinforcement theory, then, is predicated on the notion of law and effect, whereby an individual that receives positive consequences after their behavior tends to repeat that same behavior, yet individuals who receive negative consequences work hard to not repeat that same behavior (Brown, 2015).

At the same time, there are certain limitations to the reinforcement theory that must be taken into consideration as well, such as the reality that the theory itself overlooks the internal state of the individual in question. This includes the inner feelings and drives that individuals tend to have throughout their lives, yet these are overlooked by Skinner’s original theory and subsequent discussions. The theory itself is designed to focus upon what happens to a person when he or she undertakes a given action, so the external environment that exists should be designed in an effective and positive manner so that people are motivated to act (Brown, 2015).

In today’s increasingly modern, global, and competitive atmosphere, this is most commonly reflected in a school’s ability to inspire and motivate students to aspire towards academic excellence. As such, the reinforcement theory can certainly be seen to be an effective tool in terms of analyzing and controlling mechanisms that correspond to behaviors the individuals tend to exhibit in both their academic and personal lives. The theory does stop short, however, of explaining the exact causes related to an individual’s behavior, so this should be a subject of discussion as well.

In examining studies related to the efficacy of the reinforcement theory, it& important to note that research has proven that behavior that is reinforced tends to be repeated, or strengthened.&nbsp.&nbsp.

submit a 1250 words paper on the topic State Alcohol Control Policies.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic State Alcohol Control Policies.

These people are at a critical point in their lives, often making transitions to different lifestyles such as living on their own or attending college. The freedom from parental control and the increased availability may lead to the beginning or rise of drug and alcohol abuse. A young person experiences sudden body changes, mood changes, and feelings of anxiety. When our child enters into teenage, he/she gets easily influenced by his peer group. During this period, they are very vulnerable to danger and self-destruction.

They cultivate bad habits and could get addicted to alcohol, tobacco, and other habitual forming drugs. Higher educational attainment in adults aged 18 to 49 is associated with lower rates of substance use suggesting that young adults who attend college may be at lower risk than those who do not attend college, particularly those who have not completed high school. The major cause of morbidity and mortality is excessive alcohol consumption. Problem drinking and related consequences are a major social issue plaguing college campuses across the United States.

Each year, alcohol is responsible for fatalities, assaults, serious injuries, and arrests that occur among college students. Health and social problems caused due to undue drinking of alcohol lead to 75000 fatalities and $184 billion in overall economic costs in the United States annually (Toben 441). However, living with parents or on their own could influence parental control and the availability of substances may also be an important factor. A study found that residential colleges tend to have higher incidences of binge drinking than commuter schools, and that residence in a fraternity is a strong predictor of binge drinking.

To safeguard the health interest of young people legal age for drinking has been made 21. But, still, legal policies are failed to protect the young generation from the devastating effects of alcohol consumption. The developmental milestones like brain and mind progress get hampered. The rise in binge drinking episodes in the age group of 18-20 should serve as a call to action for parents, educators, and lawmakers. The emphasis should be given to moderate consumption of alcohol which is psychologically beneficial rather than complete prohibition.

research paper should be 10 to 12 double-spaced pages. In addition to the preceding components, your writing style (grammar and spelling) will be marked out of 10 points, and adherence to the general APA format will be marked out of 10 points.TOPIC: Effect of Mnemonics techniques on recall

Your research paper should be 10 to 12 double-spaced pages. In addition to the preceding components, your writing style (grammar and spelling) will be marked out of 10 points, and adherence to the general APA format will be marked out of 10 points.TOPIC: Effect of Mnemonics techniques on recall

I have conducted an experiment on myself using three techniques: method of loci, rote learning, and peg word technique. I have the result from the experiment which I will share with you and there is raw data available for 697 hypothetical students. The paper needs to talk about mnemonics in general and the description of three techniques. Then we have to incorporate my results and compare the average from 697 students as well and see which technique is the best and why.I will give you all the information on how I conducted the experiment to use in the method and procedure part of the paper. I also have a sample on the same for you to use.

You are required t use the following sources:

Original Study: Bower, G. H. (1970). Analysis of a mnemonic device. American Scientist, 58, 496–510.

Review Article: Scruggs, T. E., & Mastropieri, M. A. (2000). The effectiveness of mnemonic instruction for students with learning and behavior problems: An update and research synthesis. Journal of Behavioral Education, 10, 163–173.

You are also required to seek out three additional references for a total of five sources.

Write 11 pages with APA style on What Are the Core Principles of Any Project.

Write 11 pages with APA style on What Are the Core Principles of Any Project.

The project manager and other team members should be committed to the project. If project members and managers will be committed they will be able to work proactively and will complete work on deadline (Wysocki 2011). &nbsp.&nbsp.

First the objective of the projects are essentials to define, then the goals of the project will be stated clearly and communicated to the team members that are associated with the project, then tasks will be defined, after describing the task, resources required for the project are essential to define, the last two steps of project scope involve budgeting and scheduling (Dyal 2008). The critical path method could help penny in assisting scheduling and decision making. Penny could create efficiency, reduce uncertainty, and improve productivity through the help of the critical path method.

This can help in assessing the earliest time by which each activity can be completed. Through full project Gantt chart penny can evaluate the scheduling progress on the basis of individual task and whole project (Schwable 2013) Resource costing method is best to save the extra cost of utilizing resources. the second method is standard costing that helps in cost control, and the third method is activity-based costing that determines the cost each activity required (Lewis 1995) Before starting any project risk assessment is the first step, risk occurs due to lack of tools, information and qualified employees.

All uncertainties will be assessed through a risk assessment data sheet and risk assessment matrix. Then the action plan will be created after conducting a SWOT analysis of the project, insurance will be taken to transfer risk and constant monitoring will be conducted to ensure the risk-free status of the project. There are multiple evaluation methods but no can be said best. project evaluation methods include qualitative method. The formative evaluation methods are essential to lead up the project that is missing in the case study.

The goal-based evaluation is missed in the project that is necessary for any project and give ideas to the team members and management that how should the work be done in order to attain the stated goals.&nbsp.

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic long-term liabilities ( 9).

Write 2 pages thesis on the topic long-term liabilities ( 9).

Long-Term Liabilities (Assignment 9) Identify the changes in the long-term liability accounts that occurredduring the most recent accounting period. Blank spaces have been provided for you to write in additional items that appear in your firms long-term liability section.Long-term LiabilitiesAmount on Most Recent Balance Sheet Amount at End of Prior YearNet Change in DollarsNet Change in Percent Long-term debt1,395,093 1,304,225 90,8686.97%Capitalized lease obligations____Deferred tax liabilities194,469 188,9575,5122.

92%Pension liability251,551248,615 2,9361.18%Post-retirement medical and other benefits30,918 31,774 -856-2.69%Long-term income taxes payable13,38226,470-13,088-49.44%Other non-current liabilities89,863 97,039 7,1767.39%Total long-term liabilities1,975,2761,897,08078,1964.12%2. Based on the information in No. 1 and that found in the notes to the financial statements, briefly summarize the significant changes, if any, in the long-term liability accounts during the most recent year.There was one major significant change in the long-term liabilities of the company and involved long-term income taxes payable.

Long-term income taxes payable recorded a negative change of 49.44% from the previous. This clearly indicates that the company reduced its long-term income tax payable by 49.44 percent. This is a good sign of the efforts of the company tom reduce long-term liabilities. According to the notes on the financial statements, the management of the company recorded that the company recorded a significant reduction in income tax payable as a result of changes in tax policies. The U.S. federal and state tax audits resolved to lower the rate of income tax rate from 32.

5 percent in April 2, 2011 to 12.7 percent in March 31, 2012. 3. What are the approximate interest rates incurred on your firms long-term liabilities? Complete the schedule below. Some items, e.g., deferred tax liabilities, do not incur interest. Some (or most) of this information will be found in the notes to the financial statements.Long-term Liability AccountsApproximate Rate of lnterestIncome taxes payable12.7%Post-retirement medical and other benefits4%Long-term debt 5.6%4. What amount of cash is the firm obligated to pay out in each of the next five years for repayment of long-term debt, capitalized lease obligations, operating leases, and for other commitments?

YearRepayment of Long-term DebtCapital Lease ObligationsOperating LeasesOther CommitmentsYear 1294,643.6_19,407.817,972.6Year 2294,643.6_19,407.817,972.6Year 3294,643.6_19,407.817,972.6Year 4294,643.6_19,407.817,972.6Year 5294,643.6_19,407.817,972.6Totals 1,473,218.2_97,03989,8635. Go to the statement of cash flows. Observe the amount of “net cash flow from operations” generated in each of the last three years. To what extent does it appear that the company will be able to pay off the above scheduled obligations each year with cash generated from operations?

Might the company need to raise the required cash in some other way? Discuss.The company has been recording consistent increase in the amount of net cash flow from operations. In the last financial year ended in December 2011, the Pentair recorded a net cash flow from operations of 320,226,000. This is remarkable given the fact that the company has been recording consistent performance in the last three years. Taking a look at both the present and past performances of the company, the company is only able to pay long term debts.

The other obligations have the effect of straining the company’s financial resources and this may require the company to source for additional capital. The company may pay the obligations by raising additional capital from the stock market through the sale of shares. Pentair may also source for short term loans to clear the smaller obligations in order to remain with the obligation of paying for long term debts. 6. Find and read the footnote about your firms pension plan(s). Then answer the following questions.a. Which type(s) of pension plan does your firm have?

Check all that apply. The firm may have either type of plan, both, or none. None. b. Fill in the blanks below to determine if your company has sufficient assets to satisfy its pension obligations.1) Fair value of pension plan assets 378,990Less: accumulated benefit obligation (ABO) -(282,469)Excess (deficiency) of plan assets over ABO =96,5212) Fair value of pension plan assets371,690Less: projected benefit obligation (PBO) -(276,917)Excess (deficiency) of plan assets over PBO =94,773c.

If the company were liquidated today, would there be enough pension plan assets for the firm to meet its obligations to its employees? Explain. Yes. This is because the company has more pension plan assets compared to the accumulated benefit obligation. This means that the sale of pension assets will be able to generate income that will cover the company’s accumulated benefit obligations. d. If you acquired the company and its employees today, are there enough pension plan assets to cover benefits earned-to-date when the employees retire at their normal retirement dates? Explain. Yes.

This is a similar situation to the one named above because the company has the capacity to pay the entire obligation related to employee compensation even after their retirement without compromising their age of retirement. The analysis of the company’s pension plan indicates that the company has an excess of 94,773,000 which after covering the pension scheme obligations. N/B: question number seven has been skipped because the company’s bonds are not rated be Mergent. 8. Did your firm disclose any contingencies, sometimes called contingent liabilities, in the notes to the financial statements?

Discuss the specific nature of these contingencies and how (or whether) they are expected to affect the firms financial health. Yes. The company is facing legal proceedings with regard to its business conduct. To be more specific, the company has been sued for environment pollution and the management of the company estimates its liability to be valued at around 1.3 million dollars and the company has already established a current reserve of 1.5 million dollars to handle to the legal issue. This will affect the liquidity of the firm because the creation of a current reserve involves huge amounts of money. 9. Calculate each of the following ratios for the most recent year using the computational formulas just explained.a. Debt to total assets= total liabilities/total assets b.

Times interest earned = {Net income + [Interest expense + (1-tax rate)]}/Interest expensePentair, Inc.COMPARATIVE FIRMS Lennox Lincoln Snap-on Valmont Xylema. Debt to total assets5.44×6.1×4.3×4.1×3.9×5.1xb. Times interest earned 0.9×2.1×1.9×1.6×0.6×2.1×11. How do your firms ratios compare to those of your comparative firms? Are they high, low, about the same? Is there anything specific about your firm, its industry, or your comparative firms or industries that might tend to explain the differences between your companys ratios and those of the other firms? Discuss.Pentair, Inc.

has recorded relatively similar ratios to comparative firms because most of the firms have their ratios within the same range. However, there exists some difference in the financial ratios of the firms and this can be explained by the fact that the firms have operate in a similar competitive market. This requires that the firms explore their competitive advantages which may explain the differences in ratios (Nikolai, 2009). ReferenceNikolai, L. (2009). Intermediate Accounting. Chicago: Cengage Learning.

writing homework on The Major Changes to Journalism. Write a 2750 word paper answering; Prior to analyzing the evolutionary phases of journalism in the past 40 years, and its contribution towards democracy.

Need help with my writing homework on The Major Changes to Journalism. Write a 2750 word paper answering; Prior to analyzing the evolutionary phases of journalism in the past 40 years, and its contribution towards democracy. it is critical to understand the scope and nature of the discipline of journalism. Journalism incorporates the gathering and processing of news while including the dissemination of news and information. Furthermore, journalism may also be understood in context to reporting, editing, writing, photography and even broadcasting of news as part of the business of an organization. Another perspective deals with the academic aspects whereby journalism stands for the coursework which prepared the students for intriguing careers in news writing and broadcasting, even editing. Similarly, considering the opinion formation function of journalism, it may also be understood as a thought-provoking and research-oriented composition which is reflected via newspapers, print media and more recently even social media. However, the feedback mechanisms must also not be truncated from the scope of journalism since it also impacts the content and manipulation of journalistic devices being used. Furthermore, journalism is quite a generic term while just like any other discipline. it is further sub-branched into various genres. For instance, political journalism has evolved after the second world war, where reporters and journalists spent a great deal of time and effort on political reporting. Similarly, the entertainment industry has also evolved over time which has paved way for light journalism commenting on Hollywood-associated new stories. Also, with instances like the Watergate scandal, investigative journalism has also been embraced as an intriguing branch of journalism. Therefore, with specialization in niches and advanced degrees in journalistic devices and genres, the scope of journalism has been expanded widely to cover almost all aspects of human life and society. Also, with the trend towards democratization of society, the need to free media and vigorous journalism was imperative which explains how the evolution in democracy, as well as journalism, has gone hand in hand.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Mike Keefe’s Cartoon Flotilla Stopped.

Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Mike Keefe’s Cartoon Flotilla Stopped.

The Israelis have this blockade in an effort to stop weapons, especially GPR (grenade propelled rockets) and missiles, from reaching Gaza. Hamas, the elected government of Israel, uses these weapons to target Israeli targets. Instead of invading Gaza and occupying it once again, Israel is trying to protect its borders from the GPRs and missiles that rain upon their civilian homes and cities. The two men talking about the flotilla in the cartoon sum up the situation. If the flotilla comes through, possible arms and much-needed supplies are delivered.

If violence erupts, Israel looks bad in the light of the entire world. What is not known, or underreported, is Israel sends tons of food, medical supplies, tools, and other supplies monthly. These are from Israeli sources. The Israeli government told the flotilla if they docked in Israel the supplies would be checked and transported to Gaza. The Israelis even said that the representatives could watch the IDF (Israel Defense Force) soldiers search the food. The representatives could have then accompanied the shipment to Gaza.

The whole flotilla was a publicity stunt that got people killed. Hopefully seeing how manipulative the Palestinians can be will make Americans and the rest of the world-wise up. The Palestinians have created their bed, now they need to lie in it.MemoRe: Mike Keefe’s Cartoon My audience is Colorado citizens. I kept them in mind by explaining events in the Middle East, since an average Colorado citizen probably does not keep up with events in Gaza and Israel. I am responding in a manner to inform about the issue through the cartoon.

I expect most people to disagree with my point of view. My word choice and tone will be logical and to the point in order to explain the situation to my audience.

Fit and Filling Facility for the Elderly. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article Fit and Filling Facility for the Elderly. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

In a similar manner as that of other developed countries, a large proportion of America’s population is growing older – calling for the delivery of assisted care facilities. these facilities are positioning themselves to meet the changing needs of the aging population during the modern times. Through the incorporation of their physical and psychological changes in the design of the facility, the developers aim to make the lives of the aged as comfortable and fulfilling as possible The most notable features of the space around and within the park are that the pathways are paved using colored concrete blocks.

The paving of the pathways and the common areas are done using different colors, and that choice was made for different reasons. First, the choice of white materials for the pathways was made to guarantee that hygiene levels would remain as high as possible. Secondly, the different colors for the pavements will help the aged suffering from dementia to recall their respective rooms, and their way to facilities like the health center, the shopping center, and common facility amenities. From the outside, towards the front side of the facility, there is a pathway leading to the suburban shopping mall which is located about 50 meters from the facility.

At the shopping mall, there are many stores that an aged person would need to visit, including a bread shop, a Starbucks outlet, and a wellness center, which provides aerobics, physical fitness, and physiotherapy services. From the outside, a visitor can see the two-bedroom apartments of different sizes, ranging from 825 to 2000 square feet. At one extreme side of the facility, close to the fence, there is the health center, where the elderly living at the facility are rushed for urgent medical care (Secker et al., 2003). At different sections of the facility, the common open parks will have different plant species, in order to help the aged to remember their respective house and the entrance to their main hall.

research paper on teaching and learning for the millennial generation. Needs to be 6 pages.

Need an research paper on teaching and learning for the millennial generation. Needs to be 6 pages. Please no plagiarism.

&nbsp.A number of studies and research have thus been carried out to be able to provide possible solutions to these issues facing the various forms of knowledge dispensation. This paper, in a view to enhancing a further understanding of these differences existing within the generations and in enhancing positivity in learning and the satisfaction derived from it, will provide an analysis and their possible solutions from three separate academic resources including Preferred Learning Methods of the Millennial Generation, Learning, and Millennial Students, and Generational Differences in Using Online Learning Systems and Teaching.

The millennial generation, believed by Nicholas to be born from 1981-2001, has been raised during times of comparable and environmental conditions including that of technological change (Nicholas, 2008). The author goes further to point out that this generation, as a result, has experienced greater technological revolutions than any other past generation. Wilson reveals however that the access to these technological innovations has not evenly spread to this generation and there are a couple of disadvantaged children, especially from the working-class families and of the first generation that should be taken into consideration (Wilson, 2004).

Technology application in the fields of teaching has expanded and this can be clearly pointed out by the adoption of the online learning platforms in institutions (Stapleton, Wen, Starret and Kilburn, 2007). Nicholas describes the millennial cohort as being techno-literate, techno-savvy, technologically fluent, and dependent. This he attributes to the high percentage of students owning cell phones and using instant messaging as a top communication choice in schools. Coexistence with technology has been brought forward as one of the major characteristics of this generation, however, others too exist.

One of the other main attributes of this generation is their reliance on parental guidance. Arlene Nicholas explains that these students’ experiences within their schools and society have been guarded and stricter (Nicholas, 2008).

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses synergy between professionals in schools and institutions of social services.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses synergy between professionals in schools and institutions of social services.

On the other hand, the social worker believed that Harry was not emotionally impaired and could not be certified as an emotionally impaired person as this could affect the rest of his life. The social worker concluded from his assessment that Harry was rather a happy little Kid.Also, the partnership between the teachers and the social worker was exhibited by a conflict of interest. That is, was the teachers wanted or required to save Harry’s situation was different from the requirements or the needs of the social worker.

Specifically, conflicting interest occurred when one of the teachers suggested that Harry should have been certified as an emotionally impaired person. This was rejected by the social worker, who described Harry as a happy little child, who is not emotionally impaired.The cause of the challenges was majorly due to incidences of conflicting ideas as well as conflict of interest. These conflicts led to time wastage about the implementation of the program that was formulated to assist Harry to recover from his condition.

Because the social worker rejected Harry’s teacher proposition that could certify him as an emotionally impaired person, he dropped the program that had been formulated by the social worker to facilitate Harry’s recovery.From the teacher’s perspective, it seems time constraint was another challenge that was faced in the process of solving Harry’s challenges. He had predicted that Harry should have recovered by the end of three months, a prediction that was not provided by the social worker.

This challenge can be attributed to the fact that the school curriculum is meant to be covered within a specific period, hence the suggestion of the teacher that Harry is certified an emotionally impaired does not recover fully by the end of three months.Another pertinent challenge that seems to have characterized the situation could be associated with the&nbsp.

processes of solving the incidences of conflict between the teacher and the social worker.