Compose a 2000 words assignment on effects that aquaculture can have on wild fish stocks.

Compose a 2000 words assignment on effects that aquaculture can have on wild fish stocks. Needs to be plagiarism free!

&nbsp.In accordance with the Commission on Life Sciences (1996, 80) ‘a substantial number of salmon populations are in some jeopardy’. Other wild fish stocks are also in danger. The use of aquaculture as a supportive tool towards the protection of wild fish stocks cannot be denied. On the other hand, in accordance with the study of Nolan et al. (2000, 1017) ‘many people believe that the growth of aquaculture relieves pressure on ocean fisheries, but the opposite is true for some types of aquaculture. farming carnivorous species requires large inputs of wild fish for feed. some aquaculture systems also reduce wild fish supplies through habitat modification, wild feedstock collection, and other ecological impacts’.

The above views are supported by the fact that ‘one of the most disturbing trends in aquaculture is the rapid expansion and intensification of shrimp and salmon farming and culture of other high-value carnivorous marine fish such as cod, seabass, and tuna. production of a single kilogram of these species typically uses two to five kilograms of wild-caught fish processed into fish meal and fish oil for feed’ (Nolan et al., 2000, 1019). In accordance with the above aquaculture can also have a negative impact on wild fish stocks.

The development of aquaculture in order to protect the wild fish stocks is proved to be a solution with limited effectiveness. More specifically, it is proved above that aquaculture can have both positive and negative effects on existing wild fish stocks. The effectiveness of aquaculture towards the limitation of pressure against the existing wild fish stocks depends on the policies applied by each state and the measures taken for the protection of wild fish stocks.One of the most significant issues that should be taken into account when referring to aquaculture is the fact that aquaculture can have a series of effects on the genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity of aquatic systems.

These effects are differentiated in accordance with the practices applied in each particular unit (referring to establishments and places that participate in a specific aquaculture scheme).

Create a thesis and an outline on The Lack of Freedom of Speech in the United Kingdom. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Lack of Freedom of Speech in the United Kingdom. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

The concept is a wake-up call for the public to react against such laws that define “freedom of speech” in a context that actually severely restricts it.The popular definition of “freedom of speech” is saying whatever one wants as long as this is based on the truth and, for criticisms, as long as it is based on something reasonable. Moreover, this popular definition allows “freedom of speech” to extend to harsh criticisms as long as it is based on the truth and on reason, and as long as it does not use any vulgar expressions.

Nevertheless, despite such a sane definition, the British government has actually redefined the term in the harshest, most cruel and most prejudiced terms possible.The chosen concept – the false definition of “freedom of speech” invented by the British government – may influence or change people’s lives in such a way that it can wake them up to the real truth behind the issue. The concept plays a critical role in everyday life because people are actually confused by the definition of “freedom.

” Freedom may be absolute like saying whatever one wants using any word whether vulgar or not. Freedom may also be restricted to speech that is, according to the British government, must not be anything from abusive to racist. On the other hand, from this issue, one can think that freedom is something in between these two previously mentioned extremes – something that is actually reasonable, sane, logical and most of all – consistent with the meaning of freedom. This is the lesson that people should not overlook in the discussion of this issue of freedom of speech.

It is important to have an adequate and appropriate understanding of the concept of “freedom of speech” because this freedom is what defines freedom as a whole.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses historical perspective on the freedom of assembly.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses historical perspective on the freedom of assembly.

The freedom of assembly has limits. it must be exercised in accordance with lawful practices. For example, it has been noted that protesters were arrested in the state capitol of Wisconsin as from 2013. the state declared the protests unlawful since protestors did not have a permit.The freedom of assembly has a lot of significance, during the history of pre-colonial and colonial America, to the Founding Fathers. The British Monarchy usually prohibited public assembly of its citizens. this was partly due to the monarchy fearing that assembling individuals may attempt to overthrow or change the government.

This led to British colonists taking their views about freedom to the new world, America. Before the Revolutionary War, the British army attempted to prohibit the colonialists from protesting against Acts of Parliament that ensured monitoring of colonial population and taxation. Therefore, the people who advocated for liberty in America started to see that freedom of assembly for very necessary to people with grievances, who required solutions for their government’s mistakes and excesses.

Thereafter, delegates to the first American Continental Congress indicated a statement concerning the freedom of assembly in the “Declaration and Resolves” document, this congress took place on October 14, 1774. The document explained that individuals are allowed to. assemble peacefully, deliver their grievances and petition their leadership, the King. The “Declaration and Resolves” document also listed. grievances that the American population had against their political leadership, Parliament and King George. their objections to certain parliamentary legislation like the Intolerable Acts. and the rights that they thought they deserved.

History Acceptance of Muslims in the World. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article History Acceptance of Muslims in the World. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

The Koran discusses government and justice, and it gives specific instructions to the faithful as to what they should do concerning ruling with consultation, meaning consulting the various social levels within Muslim society, and especially concerning despotism, for which the response should be one of revolution against the despot as despotism is contrary to the laws of Islam.Under European influences, the Middle East adopted a mixture of political ideologies based on their experiences with the French, Germans, and British5.

After World War II, when the Middle East was experienced Soviet Communism, it again adopted a non-Muslim model of Communist government6. It was a government that encompassed a mixture of Nazi, Fascism and Soviet Communism as reflected by the governments of Syria and Iraq and led by what emerged as the Baath Party. All of these political ideologies are in stark opposition with the teachings, and the practice in governing, of the Prophet Mohammad.Given the Middle East’s European experience and the tradition of government adopted from the Europeans, some light is shed on the anger that Muslims have towards the West.

That anger, however, is a powerful tool in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists whose own agenda it is to return the Middle East to a pre-European ancient interpretation of Islamic law.Since September 11, 2001, when terrorists were successful in destroying New York City’s World Trade Center towers, and, since then, subsequent acts of terrorism in Spain and England, the world community has been forced to examine its relationship with the Muslim world, and especially the Muslim communities that exist in countries outside of the Middle East.

In so doing, European nations have had to face the fact that immigration programs, which allowed large numbers of Muslims to immigrate from the Middle East to European countries post World War II, were poorly&nbsp.planned, implemented and lacked review and oversight to determine whether or not those people being received from the Middle East under the programs had achieved successful assimilation into the European societies into which they had immigrated.

writing homework on Aristotle and Kant’s Philosophies of Life. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

Need help with my writing homework on Aristotle and Kant’s Philosophies of Life. Write a 1500 word paper answering;

Now that we exist, what are we supposed to do, and is there life after death? What is the difference between life and existence? These questions are difficult to answer with certainty but philosophers have over time tried to understand and explain the meaning of life. There is also the question of what is morally right or wrong or what is good or evil in society. All over the world, atrocities are committed against human beings by other human beings such as the Rwanda Massacre that left thousands dead.

Such actions are considered evil but there is a degree to which actions are evil. some people commit evil acts due to mental illness or to safeguard the nation while others do it deliberately. Philosophers like Immanuel Kant believe that evil is a “self-serving choice that individuals make freely even when they know the moral law they ought to be following” (Rosenstand, 2011, p. 6). According to Aristotle, the pursuit of happiness is the highest good achievable through reasoning while others believe goodness is inherent in human beings.

The paper is going to discuss two ethical writers and their philosophies on the meaning of life and compare them to their own thoughts.The two great philosophers and ethical writers to be discussed are Aristotle and Immanuel Kant. Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and a student of Plato whose major writings have had a lot of influence over the years. He is one of the founding figures in Western philosophy and has written on several disciplines including politics, government, ethics, and metaphysics among others (Eagleton, 2007).

Kant on the other hand is a German philosopher who has written various works on ethics, law, history, and religion. H is also a major contributor to the development of philosophy. I chose the two philosophers because their names are familiar and in the course of my studies I have read some of their work which is interesting and influential. Aristotle in his work describes man as a political animal by nature while Kant is a great critic of rationalists such as Rene Descartes. Their ethical theories are of great help in understanding the meaning of life, especially what is meant by good or evil and what makes life great or worthy of living.

research paper on the concept of specificity and sensitivity in diagnostic testing. Needs to be 2 pages.

Need an research paper on the concept of specificity and sensitivity in diagnostic testing. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Unless clinical tests are applied and interpreted carefully, they can be very misleading (Kaneko, Kuwana, Kameda, & Takeuchi, 2011). Often, the basic premises of a diagnostic test includes two populations of people i.e. those with the disease in question and those individuals without the underlying medical condition who differ from the other group on at least a testable parameter. An example is patients who have pneumonia infiltrates on an x-ray while the control group without pneumonia does not.

When conducting a screening or a diagnostic test, there are two obvious errors that are the test can fail to identify persons who do not have a condition or it could as well falsely classify a person as having the pathological condition when they do not actually have it. It is important to note that if you adjust some threshold value in an effort of reducing one type of error, the other type of error increases. In explaining the phenomenon better, the sensitivity and specificity concepts are used in determining the accuracy of a test.

According to Donner-Banzhoff (2011), the sensitivity also referred to as the recall or true positive rate measures the actual proportion of true positives correctly identified as suffering from the disease. Thus, the sensitivity will refer to the probability that the test will turn out positive in patients known to be suffering from the condition. A test can either have a high or low sensitivity. Highly sensitive tests have&nbsp.lesser negative results and are very accurate and useful in ruling out a certain disease being tested in a population (Smith et al., 2011). An example is when a test is 96 percent sensitive, then 96 percent of the patients with the pathological condition will provide true positive results while the other 4 percent will provide false-negative results.

Highly sensitive tests are important when ruling out dangerous pathological conditions such as lumbar puncture for subarachnoid hemorrhage. On the other hand, specificity also referred to as true negative rate determines the proportion of negatives that is the proportion of healthy persons who are identified correctly as not suffering from the pathological condition being tested. It is the probability that a test will turn out to be negative in patients who are disease-free in the population being tested.

As well, the test has high or low specificity. A highly specific test has fewer positives results and is significant and useful in ruling out the disease in a test. An example is that when a test is 96 percent specific, it means that 96 percent of the patients will produce true negative results and lack the disorder while the rest 4 percent are false positives and have the pathological disorder. A specific test is important in situations where the false positive test could result in harm (Donner-Banzhoff, 2011).

An example when a specific test is used is when therapy is potentially dangerous in long-term anticoagulation therapy in determining the accuracy of the procedure. Both sensitivity and specificity are important in determining the accuracy of a test that is the overall test performance in patients with or without the disease.

write an article on Medical Citizenships. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Medical Citizenships. It needs to be at least 2000 words.

Cancers are usually realized when they become obvious in an advanced stage requiring mastectomy. Also, in the US women are more likely to learn how to deal with breast cancer through friends with the disease, support groups, and fundraising appeals. In Botswana, because of the absence of oncology, there is no collective experience of the disease or knowledge of the biomedical therapeutic process required for cure. Recently there have been some attempts to disseminate public knowledge through posters and other means, but they do not resonate in Botswana as they are copied from ones in the West and recommend unavailable screening and are without cultural adaptation. On the other hand, diseases such as HIV, hypertension, diabetes, and tuberculosis are well known, so Botswana patients have to learn to distinguish these diseases from cancer. Although Botswana has universal care it is geared to grappling with infectious diseases and mother-child health. Cancer is largely unknown by medical workers except in a cancer ward in a public hospital. Furthermore, even in the hospital diagnosis and treatment are hampered by staff shortages and turnover, lack of modern functioning equipment, and appropriate drugs. There is also a high risk of co-infection with diseases such as HIV. Even when some women are told they have cancer, they may self-deny until it advances, and they are forced to deal with it. Also, even many doctors in clinics and private hospitals deny oncology because of ignorance of the disease and/or they don’t know how to deal with it. When arriving at the er treating hospital some patients are distrustful because they already had sought relief from Christiana Tswana prophetic leaders without success. Many do not understand biomedical explanations so it is better to talk in terms of analogies or say things like” you will hate my treatment, but it will help you”. In Botswanan the human body is understood in different ways with organs in different places and connected in different ways. Therefore, imported medical tests are useless unless adaptations are made to take this into account.&nbsp.

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Write 2 pages with APA style on North American Indian Culture That Flourished before the Arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors.

Write 2 pages with APA style on North American Indian Culture That Flourished before the Arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors.

One of the key characteristics of Native Americans is their unique genealogy, which derives from African and Asian populations.&nbsp. Although this connection is not the most intuitive, anthropological studies using genetic markers have substantiated this understanding.&nbsp. In the late medieval period, they were believed to have adopted a hunter-gatherer mode of life.&nbsp. It is an important revelation, for everywhere else in the world agriculture and urbanization has already become entrenched.&nbsp. Bison was a great stock prey during the time as the ecology of the Great Plains suited it well. In many of the cave paintings from this period, we can see how bison was an emblematic animal for the entire community.

The breadth and width of the continent’s landscape, with its varied climates, geographies and ecologies, made adapting to local conditions an imperative. As a result, we see a different set of customs and norms being practiced in the Great Basin, Pacific Coast or Eastern Woodlands.&nbsp. Likewise, in contrast to the widespread adoption of the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, native Indian cultures of South-western and Woodland Burial Mound regions practised agriculture. The social organization of these regions was also different, in that they were chiefdoms, with a definite hierarchy among its members.&nbsp.

Just as Spanish Conquistadors started trickling into the continent in the late 15th century, the Meso-American culture became predominant.&nbsp. This unique culture retained many key traits of the community’s traditions while also including new elements that they were introduced to.&nbsp. It is an unfortunate fact of history that despite the amicable and warm welcome of the conquistadors by native Americans, the former did not reciprocate the hospitality.&nbsp. After having acquainted themselves with the exotic culture of the natives, the conquistadors systematically proceeded to dominate the defenceless natives.&nbsp. Those who had the courage to resist domination and exploitation were ruthlessly rounded up and executed. As a consequence, within a few decades of the arrival of the Spanish expeditions, the Native American population diminished drastically.&nbsp. This pattern has continued for a century or more and reached a point of near-extermination of these people.&nbsp. It continues to remain one of the greatest acts of genocide in the history of humanity.&nbsp. It is all the more tragic because the culture and social values of the victims were very rich and vibrant.&nbsp. The proof for this assertion lies in the great colour and wisdom of their customs, practices and norms witnessed at the time of the arrival of the Spanish expeditions.&nbsp. Their lives during this period were far from barbaric as the perpetrators of their oppression would have us believe.&nbsp.

Write 12 pages with APA style on Role of ICT in Teaching Mathematics.

Write 12 pages with APA style on Role of ICT in Teaching Mathematics.

The article examines how game formats influence the teaching of mathematics within educational websites (Scanlon et al., 2005).There has been a shift in mathematics calculations that emphasizes mathematics in a context contrary to the traditional aspect of abstract calculations. From this perspective, it is also believed that teaching mathematics in context proves to be more motivating. The authors argued that despite presenting real-world variables, traditional approaches towards mathematics do not consider such variables in the process of responding to questions.

This qualifies the use of ICT, which according to the authors, incorporates considerable potential in the process of teaching mathematics in context (Buckingham and Scanlon, 2004). The application of computer games such as Gridclub utilizes practical and real-life examples in mathematics exercises. The technology accompanies the process with background sound mechanisms that describe the surrounding environment as well as actions. This is contrary to written text that ignores the aspect of human nature in real situations.

In this case, the application of ICT appears deliberate in setting mathematics within a realistic context and it provides a captivating context in the learning process (Scanlon et al., 2005).In my opinion, mathematics is the application of the conceptual ideas of science. In this case, science is represented by theories that explain in words the characteristics of a particular scenario. Therefore, the use of computer games promotes the learning of mathematics amongst children owing to the motivating factors behind the process.

This is because mathematics in context brings the technical aspect of any learning, therefore breaking the monotony of the theoretical aspect. Therefore, in one way or another both concepts are necessary for effective learning to take place. Scanlon and&nbsp.Buckingham (2003), argued that in the twenty-first century people experience very many benefits indulging in critical thinking. This is because there is the aspect of children applying mathematical formulas and procedures into everyday living.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic the conflict between forensic and therapeutic roles.

Write 9 pages thesis on the topic the conflict between forensic and therapeutic roles.

Forensic and therapeutic roles cannot ethically coincide in any given circumstance.The issue of the dual role is a common area of contestation in forensic psychiatry and forensic psychology. To that effect, commentators in the fields of forensic psychiatry and forensic have developed the principle of avoiding dual roles (Heilbrun, DeMatteo & Marczyk, 2004). Failure to adequately distinguish between therapeutic and forensic roles often results in deleterious consequences. According to Greenberg and Shuman (1997), these dual roles can potentially cause (either intentionally or inadvertently) harm to the individual being evaluated or treated, damage the profession’s credibility or reputation, compromise provision of quality services and hamper legal proceedings.

Based on the dangers borne of these dual roles, professional guidelines and ethical standards have been developed to explicitly address the principle of avoiding dual roles.The American Psychological Association (2002), the American Academy of Psychiatry & the Law (1995), and the Committee on Ethical Guidelines for Forensic Psychologists (1991) represent the three professional bodies that have addressed themselves to the issue of dual roles. The detrimental impacts of dual professional engagements have been recognized by the American Psychological Association (APA, 2003) in its “Ethical Guidelines for Clinical Psychologists”, as well as by the Committee on Ethical Guidelines for Forensic Psychologists (1991) in its “Specialty Guidelines for Forensic Psychologists”.

These guidelines negate the assumption of dual professional roles and require clinicians to minimize harm in cases where dual roles are unavoidable.An individual is normally presented to a therapist solely for treatment. Conversely, the same is scarcely the case for individuals presented for&nbsp.forensic evaluations. In essence, therapy generally refers to the process followed in treating illness, injury, or behavioral disorder.&nbsp.Forensic evaluations, on the other hand, lent more focus on informing decision-making with regards to adversarial matters, such as court proceedings, parole board decisions, and/or licensing board decisions.