Discuss which theory of victimization best fits your victims and explain why you think so. ·  Research what types of victim services may be available to your victims and explain their purpose. How do they seek to serve victims?

For Week 3:

Now that you have selected a crime that interests you create a 500 to 700-word paper (approximately 2 pages, 1-inch margins, 12pt font, double spaced) that:

·  Identifies the most likely victim, or group of victims, that would pertain to your crime. For example, robbery victims could be institutions like banks or individual people. Rape victims can be male or female or transgender. Detail who the most likely intended victim group (men, women, people, businesses, elderly citizens, etc.) would be for your selected crime.

·  Discuss which theory of victimization best fits your victims and explain why you think so.

·  Research what types of victim services may be available to your victims and explain their purpose. How do they seek to serve victims?

·  You must utilize a minimum of two sources in this paper.

Highlight and indicate why having a motivated workforce will give the organisation a much- needed competitive advantage and highlight practices that positively effect the workforce motivation.

Organizational behavior outlines how an organisation is managed and run. It is extremely important, because organisation is at the core of what makes a company what it is. Additionally, Organisational behavior looks at how workers influence each other and how an organisation influences and inspire its workers.


Organisational behavior perceives how staff members, workplace groups and corporate structures affect workers individually. As a leader, it is important to understand the forces that drive people. When people work together, relationship forms, and those relationships affect how they respond in the work environment.




Using the knowledge gained in class and through other research, clearly highlight the relevance of organisational behaviour in today’s environment while describing motivation and motivation factors in organisations.


Highlight and indicate why having a motivated workforce will give the organisation a much- needed competitive advantage and highlight practices that positively effect the workforce motivation.






2,000 words. Any deviation from this will be penalised.





Please note the following when completing your written assignment:

  1. Writing: Written in English in an appropriate business/academic style
  2. Focus: Focus only on the tasks set in the
  3. Length: 2,000 words
  4. Formatting: Typed on A4 paper in Times New Roman or Arial font 12 with at least 5 centimetre space at each edge, double spaced and pages numbered.
  5. Document format: Ensure a clear title, course, and name or ID number is on a cover sheet and a bibliography using Harvard referencing throughout is also
  6. Research: Research should use reliable and relevant sources of information g. academic books and journals that have been peer reviewed. The research should be extensive.


The use of a range of information sources is expected – academic books, peer reviewed journal articles, professional articles, press releases and newspaper articles, reliable statistics, company annual reports and other company information. All referencing should be in Harvard style.


Compose a 250 words assignment on how was the civil war driven by the people or the leader of the time (mod 4 disc2)

How Was the Civil War Driven By the People or the Leader of the Time? Task To what extent was the Civil War a peoples war, in the sense that the population in the North opposed slavery and the population in the South supported slavery?

The civil war was a people war because the ultimate cause traced to people divisions over the slavery inherent in the American society since the 1780s. During that period, the leaders tried to work out compromises and the language in the constitution that balanced the divisions between the regions. Their motive was to unite the people in a single nation, but it did not work because people were after the beneficial nature of the slave labor and not the unity of the nation. The Northern colonies did not rely entirely on slavery as it was with the Southern colonies where the demand of the slaves was high. According to McPherson & Hogue, (2010), the invention of a cotton gin lead to expansion of cotton plantation that lead to demand of more slave labor in the South state, but it brought crisis because the Northern people tried to abolish the slavery or start a system of gradual emancipation to reduce the abuse. The two states agreed to outlaw the importation of slaves from overseas in 1808, the slaves holding state agreed to prohibition on the slave trade because they feared if the afro-Caribbean slaves brought in would bring with them the slave rebellion and cause the conflict between the people. The people of the south state though they agreed with the abolishment of the slave in the plantation, they continued with slaves’ trade to earn income. This was worse because the North state saw it has denial of the people of the human right and dignity in the nation.

To what extent was the War driven by the leader?

As the nation expanded westward, it was clear that maintaining the political balance between the two states was difficult, and the leaders were unable to form new measures to solve the problem. The leaders played a part of the war because they compromised between the sections on the issues of abolishment of the slave trade that led to crisis that threatened to disrupt the nation social and economic stability. The leaders had no jurisdiction over the conditions and laws regulating slavery within the individual states, they were unable to address the rapid economic and social changes brought about by the industrial rebellion in the two states (McPherson & Hogue, 2010). The corruption among leaders also contributed to the war because they were torn between the political and social benefit they would get from the implementation of the laws. In conclusion, the civil war was a people and a leader’s war because both would stop the crisis but they did not due to selfish driven motives.


McPherson, J. & Hogue, J. (2010). Ordeal by Fire: The Civil War and Reconstruction. New

York: McGraw-Hill.

prepare and submit a paper on rousseau’s ideas of natural equality and conventional equality.

In the Discourse on the Origin of Inequality he “conceived … two kinds of inequality among the human species: one… [is] natural or physical … [which] is established by nature, and consists difference of age, health, bodily strength, and the qualities of the mind or of the soul and … the moral or political inequality [which] depends on a kind of convention … and at least authorized by the consent of men” (Rousseau “Discourse…” 15). The discussion of the meaning of the two types of inequality is related to the main issues of the paper.

The human condition reflects inequality because civil society on the basis of norms and laws opposes “natural equality” and the concept of the natural man. This can be considered as a radical point of view presented by Rousseau since he expressed that political inequality in the conventional society “consists of different privileges which some men enjoy to prejudice others” (Rousseau “Discourse…” 15). To support the perspective, he defined the foundation concepts of “natural equality” and the norms of civil society. After the recognition of the root of the inequality, he advocated the social contract to be able to achieve “conventional equality.”

In his discourse, Rousseau viewed natural equality as the unblemished form of a “natural man” or a man in the state of nature where equality can be achieved since the affective factors occur mainly in the natural environment, either in the physical or in the moral attributes. In nature, man has his strength and needs. He has his instincts and characters. The complex interactions of his physical and moral facets seek a state of stability. With the factors limited to those related to the natural man and the natural environment, a man then can be considered as a complete unit of an organism by himself. Rousseau presented a natural man in solidarity with neither a family nor a property. This basically means that man is driven by his own view (Rousseau “Discourse…” 17-22).

Write a 5 pages paper on youth culture in china.

However, this picture is tremendously changing resulting in the integration with the global community. The rising of the country as an economic power has created room for its citizens to integrate with other people in the world. The youth comprises one of the widely traveled groups because of work and educational purposes. They have gone ahead to embrace the western culture and hence translate the same in the home country. The growing influence of western culture in China, to a great extent, interferes with the way the local Chinese culture has been. For example, the movies that are mainly seen in China by young people are mainly from the United States. As a way of demonstrating the way the state of the country’s young population has been influenced, President Hu Jintao mentioned that western forces were infiltrating their culture (Moran, 2003).

The culture that is being adopted by the youths has boosted consumption of western made products. American theatres are one of the major beneficiaries. not in form of income that is generated but based on product consumption. The youth access the United States drama series, which they pirate, and almost everybody has access to them. Media is very impactful in behavior development, therefore, most of the young people have been diverted by the foreign culture that is demonstrated through the movies. Aspects such as the dressing habits are slightly changing with more of western-culture being expressed. The movies have attracted quite a huge number of young people who are impressed by American films as opposed to those from Korea and Japan.

Western products such as Coke and Mac are the favorites among the&nbsp.youth in China. This has changed the traditional consumption patterns. The concerns of the government have continued to fall on deaf ears.&nbsp.

prepare and submit a term paper on Queer Critique is Essential to the Study of Media and Communications. Your paper should be a minimum of 2750 words in length.

Post- structuralists, decided to interrogate those binary oppositions challenging established concepts of gender and sexuality (Harrison, 2006, 134).

Though originated in the sphere of women`s studies, now queer theory deals with gay/lesbian studies and appears where the concept of “normality” arises. And where normality is established, deviation or queerness must also be defined. It is clear that the survival of any modern society is impossible without setting of strict moral and cultural rules and consequently when one chooses non-conformity he is bound to become the object of persecution (imprisonment, bullying, loss of a job, disgrace). So queer critique tries to understand how such categories of queerness are shaped, which systems help to maintain their existence, which factors influence their development. And media in any its manifestation (Television, printed press, Internet) as the force influencing cultural and communication patterns in society defines the way queer are represented in mass consciousness (Marcus, 2005, 193). That is why it is extremely important to pay attention to queer critique as the evolution of the queer depiction in media (cultural, linguistic and political levels) allows tracing the development of the concept of tolerance in society (not only racial tolerance but queer tolerance) and helps to predict future global cultural changes. Firstly, in order to analyze how queer critique is related to the spheres of media and communications, it is necessary to define the key concepts of this research. Secondly, it is crucial to outline how queer theory regards its major notions: sex, gender, and sexuality. Thirdly, it is important to trace how the concept of queerness has evolved throughout the years and how it has been demonstrated in media. Summarizing all this it would be possible to understand why studying queer critique is essential for media and communication. Main Body. Queer Theory. Queer theory in one perspective aims to challenge socially constructed systems which define human sexuality and peculiar gender characteristics. The word “queer” in the title of the theory defines the central object of the studies which is everything that is deviant, odd, and weird for most people.

Complete 9 pages APA formatted article: Introduction to Transportation Management Questions.

The key focus revolves around the formulation and adoption of strategic plans that aim to define transport logistics requirements for the firm, identify ways and means in which these requirements can be met most effectively and optimizing business processes to ensure cost effective means of procurement and delivery of goods (Deloitte, 2011).

Logistics decisions are based on the operational requirements and the overall focus of the management is on creating and adopting a high value oriented solution that is cost effective and reliable. The key aspects considered in this process are reliability of choices, accuracy of information available at the time of transit of goods, and the time required for transit. Transportation activities can be made more effective and efficient through the use of information systems that help in tracking the movement of goods. Firms can leverage their transportation activity and develop it as an internal competency that can contribute to competitive advantage through adequate focus on optimized supply chain process and effective information systems that can help in efficient decision making (Coyle et al., 2011).

Transportation project planning is the process by which state governing agencies monitor and address the demand for movement of goods, commodity and people in the region. Various transportation alternatives are considered and implemented based on the requirements analysis. One of the key aspects behind the rampant adoption of project planning activities in the transportation segment in US economy is the role it plays in developing existing transport alternatives and establishing more efficient systems that can cater to the growing demands from various sectors of the economy. Growth in trading activities and economic requirements has placed intense pressure on governance bodies to develop infrastructural facilities (Coyle et al., 2011).

write an article on Diversification Strategies. It needs to be at least 500 words.

Diversification Strategies Throughout the years, companies resort to diversification either at the corporate level of sometimes at the business unit level. The use of different diversification strategies makes it possible to choose strategies that will work for their business. Despite the differences in strategies employed by a different organization, the goal remains similar for most of these firms. They all seek to make profits by increasing their target market. However, not all organizations, which attempt, to diversify achieve success. Therefore, discussed are two companies, one of which was successful while the other was unsuccessful in their attempt to diversify (Michael, 2010).

Google’s diversification strategies prove successful throughout the years. They attribute their success to the fact that diversification in an online market attracts significant lowers costs compared to diversification in the real, physical world. Therefore, most online companies capitalize on this as an advantage. However, this advantage is not merely enough to guarantee success. Sarah Kaplan, a business professor at Wharton University advances that companies like Google find success because they know how to look for what to leverage to their consumers. For example, Google’s current product named Google Docs and Spreadsheets. seeks to compete with Microsoft Office. In this case, Google’s leverage was the provision of a product that would offer more convenience to their clients over an already existing product owned by another company. The fact that Google is online based also makes sales and marketing of their products easier because they are able to reach a wide market range. The diversification strategy employed by Google includes an eclectic approach where the combination of different strategies happens at the same time, for example, Google combines both concentric and horizontal strategies. This ensures that they stick to products with technological similarities to their current products. Concurrently, they stretch themselves slightly by introducing products which differ technologically and commercially to their current products because they can depend on their loyal customers (Kaplan, 2006).

Time Warner AOL is among the companies in which their attempt to diversify proved unsuccessful. The merger of these two corporations caught people’s attention because of the strategy it symbolized a merger of two separate spheres. the old and the new. Throughout its 10 year merger, the conglomerate suffered a variety of setbacks. Firstly, the strategy they employed included their adopting of the conglomerate or lateral diversification strategy. Astronomical potential risks characterize this strategy. This is because it involves the company venturing into a market technologically and commercially different from what it normally deals with. In addition, the fact that the target market involved new customers who were not loyal to the company also proved disadvantageous (Charles &Hill, 2004).

Both Warner-AOL and Google are large companies. They are also similar because they are successful in the different niches they occupy. They also both have financial stability and people recognize both companies all around the globe. They also adopt top of the line marketing strategies. Therefore, from all the similarities they seem to share it would be safe to assume that diversification would work in their favor. However, this is not the case considering Warner-AOL failed at its attempt to diversify. The outcome of this failure was considerable losses. The three reasons for this outcome included the diversification strategy used proved to be too risky for the company. Secondly, both companies overstretched themselves by going into the merger. Thirdly, the companies did not plan well for future setbacks (Charles & Hill, 2004).

In conclusion, Warner-AOL would have probably adopted the horizontal diversification strategy first before going all out and adopting the lateral diversification strategy which presents a lot of risks. In addition, these companies would have calculated their long term well in advance instead of waiting to deal with the risks as they went along. This would have prevented the many setbacks encountered over the 10 years merger duration. Both Warner and AOL should have cut their losses at an earlier date instead of letting the merger stay on for the duration of ten years (Charles & Hill, 2004).


Charles W. L. Hill, G. R. (2004). Strategic management theory: an integrated approach. Pennsylvania: Houghton Mifflin.

Kaplan, S. (2006, December 13). To Diversify, or Not to Diversify: Whats at Stake for Online Giants in Growth Mode. Retrieved from Knowlegde at Wharton: http://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article.cfm?articleid=1624

Michael A. Hitt, R. D. (2010). Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization, Concepts. New York: Cengage Learning.

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the distinguishing features of the solar system.

The research paper aims at exploring some of the significant components of the solar system. The report gives special preference to the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. It discusses some of their unique characteristics and the origin of their names. The sun forms the heart of the solar system. Neighboring planets of the sun create the terrestrial and rocky worlds. The planets are Venus, Earth, Mercury, and Mars. The other planets are the gas giants, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn. There is an asteroid belt between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars. The belt also consists of the dwarf Ceres planet (Grego, 2007). Beyond Neptune, there is a disk-shaped Kuiper belt that carries the dwarf planet Pluto. What is found beyond that is the giant spherical cloud and teardrop shaped Heliopause. The sun produces a high amount of electromagnetic energy in the form of light and heat. The planets, as well as the asteroids and satellites, revolve around the sun in circular orbits and follow the same direction. The planets revolve in counterclockwise order (Grego, 2007).&nbsp.

Literature review

Activities concerning astronomy started with the Greeks. Aristotle, a Greek philosopher, was of the view that the earth is positioned at the core of the universe. Ptolemy then proposed a model of how the planets move in the solar system. In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus published his hypothesis. The hypothesis stated that the sun forms the centre of the universe. The church had already adopted Aristotle’s teaching and could, therefore, not believe Nicolaus Copernicus notion. In 1964, after the appearance of a supernova, Galileo developed his first telescope. With it, he saw the Saturn’s ring, moons of Jupiter, the Milky Way, and the phases of Venus. The scientist then published the findings in The Starry Messenger (Meara, 2010).

Isaac Newton, in his early 20s, discovered that the gravitational force was responsible for the falling objects on Earth and the motion of the planets in orbits and the moon. Einstein’s theory of relativity surpassed Newton’s model of gravity. Einstein’s view was that the gravitational force is the response of objects to disturbances in space. For the past years, studies of the solar system continue to get improvements. The improvements are of help to humanity (Meara, 2010).


For millennia, various astronomers have had a particular focus on the points of light that seem to make movements among the stars. The early Greeks gave the names of the planets by referring them as wanderers. Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, and Venus were recognized in antiquity. The invention of the telescope helped reveal the asteroid belt, Neptune, Pluto, Uranus, and other world’s moons.

prepare and submit a paper on the human right to adequate food: simple remedies.

The author states that in as much as the powerful individuals care about hunger issues, it is not enough to address the issue.1 On the other hand, Kent also addresses how hunger analysts view agricultural yields in line with hunger issues facing the world, and in this case, Kent states that hunger analysts must typically focus on various interventions and agricultural yields with supplements and capsules. He goes further to illustrate how hunger analysts rarely acknowledge how anger is deeply affecting society and the fact that it remains a social issue across the globe.2 Generally, the central concept driving Kent’s ideas to write the book the fact that there are several strong communities, which never go hungry no, matter their situation.

In this case, Kent states that strong communities tend to have high standards on how they view each other in the community and their well-being. In doing this, Kent is of the idea that people should always be ready to help each other in hard situations. The author further states that it is upon human desires to go hungry and that there is no food shortage across the globe instead, the shortage only comes in terms of opportunities that human beings lack. In this case, Kent suggests feels that in most cases, people fail to care about fellow human beings and in the end lead to hunger issues across the world.3 Generally, the book stresses the need to strengthen communities through building care as a way of ending hunger.

In chapter seven of the book, George Kent focuses on various topical issues in relation to hunger management programs and issues. In this chapter, Kent generally defines nutritional safety nets and goes further to explain how the guaranteed safety nets work in poverty eradication across the globe. Additionally, Kent talks about the global nutritional safety nets issues and the role of international law when it comes to hunger management.