Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Mass Customisation: Tate & Lyle. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required

According to, Ian Clark, who manages the Plaistow, London factory where Lyle’s Golden Syrup has been made since 1883, “It is officially the oldest brand packaging in the world.” (“World Record for Iconic ‘Goldie’”).The famous tin, introduced in 1885, and celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, with its golden arch and biblical quotation – “out of the strong came forth sweetness”, is now in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest continuously in use packaging label.

Upstream (which in geographical terms is downstream) of the refinery the supply chain is very rigid. The price of the raw cane and its availability is notably unstable, but this is a characteristic of all commodities. In every other sense, the supply chain upstream is inflexible. Ocean transport is not amenable to JIT management and last-minute revisions. Moreover, the final stage that brings the raw cane up the Thames estuary and to the refinery is highly regulated and regimented. Deliveries are coordinated through the Port Authority and limited to once per week. Also, it is fundamentally only one product arriving, raw sugar cane.

Downstream from the refinery, the situation is entirely different. In fact, it is the polar opposite. Most importantly, as the company website proudly proclaims over 250 products end up in consumers’ hands directly or indirectly through inclusion in other products. Packaged retail bagged sugar is the obvious product. Goldie, Lyles Golden Syrup is produced from a by-product of the refining process as are molasses and treacle. A variety of products leave the refinery for a variety of destinations, many involving further processing. The scale and complexity of the supply chain downstream are entirely different from the rigid, unitary supply chain upstream.

Recognizing this situation and its increasing involvement with alternately sourced (notably corn-based) and synthetic sweeteners such as Splenda, Tate & Lyle choose to entirely leave the refining business.

Compose a 500 words assignment on importance of a nurse being a critical thinke

Phobias and Addictions of the of the Introduction Critical thinking refers to a psychological process, multidimensional ability and a set of practices (Swansburg, 2002, p.3). Critical thinking constitutes of rational, result directed, methodical, decisive, and insightful thinking that is conducted with information obtained, analyzed and interpreted. Critical thinking helps in identifying best solutions for a problem or set of problems. Critical thinking and problem resolution are a part of the best clinical practices. Critical thinking is the focal point of making judgments in a clinical environment. Critical thinking is even required to develop a plan for nursing, in this critical thinking process, various agents are included. These agents include: nurses, patients and their families, health care service providers (Rosdahl, 2008, p.358). The background of patients, nurses and various other individuals become a part of the stages of critical thinking process. The paper will cover the importance of the critical thinking process for nurses and how they use this process to provide a high degree of nursing services.


Nurses have to make use of critical thinking in all of their procedures such as home, delicate, community and extended care (Daniels, 2004, p.410). Nurses have to view the situation of all of their patients uniquely and dynamically. The main component of nurse’s critical thinking process is learning the situation of all patients before jumping to any conclusions. Once the information about a particular patient is obtain, nurses have to carefully analyze and interpret the information and after interpreting information, nurses have to come to a solution or a plan of action. During the decision making stage of the critical thinking process, nurses have to implement their intellectual skills (Wilkinson, 2001, p.36). They use their intellect to make assumptions, to verify the reliability of information, to differentiate between information that is important and irrelevant, to make decisions in a timely manner and to determine how a decision will affect the patient. For example, when nurses obtain information about the family of a patient, they have to differentiate what information about the patient’s family history is relevant or irrelevant. Nurses even have to ensure that the information provided to them by a patient is kept private and confidential and only information relevant to the situation is obtained otherwise the nurse is held responsible for infringing upon the patient’s privacy right.

Nurses obtain experience and knowledge about the field of nursing from various settings such as professional and educational settings. Nurses have to apply this information in their critical thinking process to make correct and timely decisions.


The process of developing critical thinking skills requires a lot of time and effort. Nurses have to ask various questions to themselves as well as the patients during the critical thinking process and they have to identify answers to these questions through the information provided by the patient and the information owned by nurses already. Nurses have to ensure that before jumping to any conclusions and judgments, they have to obtain all important information. Nurses even have to treat every patient and every situation individually and they should not try to apply prior information to solve newly learned issues.


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Compose a 250 words assignment on the story of the phoenix mine in colorado

The drive to Idaho springs took about 30 minutes. We were surprised at how effortless it was to arrive at the place. Without mountain ridges to cross, Idaho Springs was a perfect half day tour for us since we wanted to have a taste of actual Colorado mountain society. Made wealthy by gold and still rich with history, Idaho Springs is a significant site for anybody visiting Colorado. We discovered that Arapaho and Ute Indians normally use the hot springs for their curing powers (Burg, Earl, Rich and David 2010). The next visit was to the Lucky rock. We traveled for thirty miles west of Denver. We discovered that the Lucky rock is a narrow, steep and technical mountain, which is fun and challenging (Zschau, Gries, Ameron, Zambrano and Nash 2009). With more convenience and minimal congestion, Lucky rock is an ideal place for educational and leisure trips. The site provides a white fall for advanced, intermediate and beginner abilities.

In summary, the Phoenix Gold Mine tour was a fascinating experience. The site is one of the reachable mines in a snowy climate, which is overwhelming when an individual gets a correct tour guide. Therefore, the Phoenix Gold Mine trip is suitable for individuals who intend to learn the history of mining, obtain some hands on experience and have a fun with their families.

Write 9 pages with APA style on HRM Learning and Development

The Link Between Learning Needs Assessment, Employee Performance, and Organizations Performance. This essay stresses that learning needs assessment and investment in the employees’ training and development offers an organization competitive advantage. The link between HRD department’s assessment of the learning needs of the employees, employees’ performance, and organizational performance may actually be reversed with the three still being the corners of one triangle owing to the fact that organizations that perform good and have a high repute among the public are sources of attraction for the potential candidates.

This paper makes a conclusion that HRD department’s assessment of the learning needs of employees, employees’ performance, and organizational performance are three variables that are linked with one another in a triangular relationship with each of the three variables occupying one corner of the triangle. The direction of influence of one variable upon the other can run both ways in a triangle. In a vast majority of cases, there is a two-way flow along the triangles, with the flow of one direction stronger as compared to the other depending upon several external and internal factors that influence the organization’s culture, employees’ motivation, and brand image in the public eye. Generally, if at least one of the three variables is good, it has a positive effect on the rest of the two variables irrespective of the direction of flow of link along the sides of the triangle. Likewise, poor performance shown by one of the three variables can have a regressive effect on the rest of the variables no matter which direction the link flows in

Provide a 7 pages analysis while answering the following question: Marketing Communication for Startford Upon Avon. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide

. Proceedings will commence with guided tours around various sections of the facility including the redeveloped auditorium, the Swan Theatre, the Observation Tower and the “One-Room” (Chambers 2004, 67). This shall then be followed by the airing of an hour long documentary that follows the exceptional account of how the theatre came to be. Some of the plays that will later be performed during the day will include Shakespeare’s very own Othello and Romeo and Juliet. Other plays that are lined up for that day include the Revenger’s Tragedy, The Magic Flute, Camino Real and The War of the Roses. Some of these plays shall include names of famous Hollywood actors such as Candice Bergen, Ewan McGregor, Bradley Cooper and the lovely Emma Stone in the performances. Visitors can find food and drinks at the Rooftop Bar and Restaurant as well as the Riverside Cafe and Terrace.

The Royal Shakespeare Company intends to increase cultural awareness of potential visitors with regards to the various activities and opportunities that is offered at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. The company intends to raise both domestic and international tourist visits within the area by defining the product and services they offer and thereby providing a high standard of cultural and diplomatic repertoire through cultural interactions. Another objective of the event is to provide to the target audience a variety of social activities that they can enjoy while visiting the area (Fill & Hughes 2008, 266).

Key stakeholders in the media fraternity have been invited to contribute towards the success of the event. Both local and international television channels have confirmed their attendance in what is considered a crucial step towards the revitalization of the country’s tourism sector.

Write a 5 pages paper on the ase of scott starson

Consequently, the physicians petitioned to have Starsons treatment decision transferred to a surrogate. Though the petition was granted, Starson would later appeal, and the petition was reversed at the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court held that a patient, in this case, Starson, was not required to make a decision that is in their “best interest” as determined by the physician, and thence they are permitted to disagree with a treatment recommendation. The Court also reasoned that Starson was a competent patient capable of making his own medical decisions.

The above case represents a conflict of these two rather ethical considerations, on one side, the physician feels compelled to do what he believes is in the best interest of the patient. On the other hand, the patient feels that it is his right to refuse medication based on his own grounds. Under these circumstances, how far is the physician expected to go with his persistence?

Most legal cases, not only in Starson’s case, often uphold the position of the patient. This is referred to as patient autonomy. The principle of patient autonomy states that competent patients have the opportunity to choose among medically indicated treatment and to refuse any unwanted treatment. Under these circumstances, the physician must respect the patient’s decision.&nbsp. It is necessary to understand that treatment decisions are not only based on objective medical considerations but also involve a considerable level of personal value judgments and preferences (Meier, Diane, Isaacs, and Hughes 95).&nbsp. Therefore, to some extent, the physician may compel a patient to take a certain medication not only because it is the right and objective medical step but also because he feels, based on his values and preferences, it is the right thing.&nbsp. For the latter, he is imposing his personal feelings, not professional mandate, on the patient.&nbsp. In these cases, a physician may be ethically driven to compel a patient to take medication because he feels it is the right thing to do. However, it is essential to note that a physician demonstrates respect for human dignity, a biomedical ethical consideration when he acknowledges the freedom and right of the patient to make choices based on their own beliefs and values (Kluge 7).&nbsp.

Write a 12 pages paper on cross culture communication

to highlight the uniqueness of states internationally but also to show the potentials coordination and cooperation among the countries in the global community. Culture does not reflect only a country’s social and ethical background. it can be also used in the business sector in order to express the aims, the structure and the historical performance of organizations in different industrial activities. Current paper focuses on the examination of the various aspects of cross culture communication. the literature published on the specific subject is reviewed and evaluated. moreover, appropriate case studies are presented in order to explain clearer the conditions under which cross culture communication can be developed. The examination of existing material led to the conclusion that cross cultural communications can be effectively developed under the terms that the cultural history and characteristics of each part are respected. Emphasis has been given to the forms of culture within the business sector. also, the effects of culture on a entrepreneurship have been examined. it is revealed that culture can actually affect the performance of businesses but, then, its effects are more difficult to be controlled. Finally, a series of case studies are used in order to show the correlation between the society, the culture and the business performance.

The understanding and the evaluation of a firm’s activities in the context of the international market requires the identification of the challenges that this firm will have to face in the global market. moreover, concepts like culture, need to be defined in advance. in accordance with Hofstede ‘culture is the collective programming of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from another’ (Peng, 2008, 57). it is further noted that culture in modern states is not homogenous. rather, in countries like USA and China it is likely that many different cultures exist.

Write a 10 pages paper on to what extent has the credit crunch contributed towards a downturn in uk house prices.

A trial is being made to relate the trends in the housing markets and the financial crunch to the theories of economics.

The credit crunch and the national and international economic developments have had substantial impact on the country’s real estate market. Before analysing the present situation of the market, it would be ideal to have an overview of the historic developments in the housing market of the United Kingdom. After the downfall of the housing industry in early 1990, there had been a steady growth in the UK housing market. From the stage of disaster, the industry had dramatic growth resulting in the average house price to touch £163,000 in the year 2005. The quantum of the growth is reflected by the fact that this price was the double of the average house price in the dawn of the millennium. (Cameron G, 2005,). Interestingly the trend was similar in the international scenario as well.

The downfall of the US economy and the recession which began in early 2007, catalysed a chain reaction in the international economy as well. This resulted in serious credit crunch in most of the leading economies. The UK economy was no exception. There were serious negative responses in the economy which led to acute credit crunch. The finance flow was seriously affected. Real estate was one of the first industries to be affected by the credit crunch and the allied economic developments.

The post recessive period observed critical economic outcomes in the housing industry of United Kingdom. In comparison with the previous year, the house prices were 7.4 percent lower in October 2008. (DCLG, 2008). The average house price in UK in October 2008 was £203,539. At the same time the house prices paid by the first time buyers were almost ten percent lower than that in the previous year (DCLG, 2008).

Write 9 pages with APA style on The Framework of Marriage and Family Counseling

These models developed over time to facilitate the management of age-old conflicts and modern concerns in the face of rapidly changing responsibilities of counseling practitioners. From the exposition of the five models and supporting research findings, the framework of marriage and family counseling may, therefore, be viewed as an aggregation of elements having specific applications to various issues for the purpose of keeping the family intact and functional as one, happy, cohesive social unit.

“Happy families are all alike. every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” goes a popularly quoted line from the opening of a classic novel Anna Karenina (Tolstoy, trans. 2003). The quotation serves a significant and fitting introduction to an academic paper that tackles the framework of marriage and family counseling. From prose to reality, most counselors would concur with Tolstoy and with me that, indeed, “every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” owing to individual differences and a whole lot of factors. However, families may seek assistance from marriage and family counseling practitioners to guide them either in the context of individual or group sessions to assuage issues.

The fact that families are different and unique have given way to the establishment of a host of techniques, strategies, and models to facilitate counseling efforts and either bring back or continue on with happy family living. This paper tackles a review of existing literature on the framework of marriage and family counseling by going over both time-tested and newer models used by counselors in their practice. A combination of academic texts and peer-reviewed journals provided rich sources of materials for this paper.

write an article on preparing to conduct business Paper must be at least 250 words

The problem with Zappos is the fact that it lacks organization quality at the online e-commerce website. It is evident that qualitative or quantitative primary research can be tested for any organization . Qualitative research&nbsp.focuses on gathering of mainly verbal data rather than measurements. In Zappos case, quantitative data is much more pivotal because it allows them to understand the customer demographics. This gathered information can be used for interpretation results such as customer sales, pay-per-clicks, purchasing trends, and online analytics. Qualitative Research is only ideal during the earlier phases of research projects while the notion of Quantitative Research is highly recommended because it supplements the preliniary research. Additionally, quantitative Research provides the researcher a much better picture into challenges for any given organization. In Zappo’s case, it must understand its customer’s purchasing power as well.

I think it is crucial to understand that both can very beneficial for Zappos. For instance, qualitative can provide pivotal hindsight a broader picture of hypothesis whereas quantitive can be utilized for focused niche research. In essence, both can provide a detailed view and a holistic approach on customers, sales, inventory, etc.

The drawback of using one method is that it confines the organization to one thinking and does not provide a holistic approach to problems. Zappos has been facing many challenges as it continues to be a leading retailer for shoes. However, it must still address the cost issues and operations logistics to serve its customer base better.

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