Find a newspaper editorial/article that uses poor reasoning. Describe the reasoning, and identify the type of poor reasoning used.

Find a newspaper editorial/article that uses poor reasoning. Describe the reasoning, and identify the type of poor reasoning used.

Assignment 3: Biopsychosocial-Cultural Model

Assignment 3: Biopsychosocial-Cultural Model

Traditionally, mental illness was considered a biological problem, either inherited or developed due to genetic vulnerability within the individual. This point of view is termed the medical model. Treatment was provided to the individual in one-to-one meetings with a psychiatrist or sessions with a psychotherapist.

The field of mental health has evolved from the traditional model to one incorporating many more people, factors, causes, and types of treatment. The biopsychosocial-cultural model incorporates biological, psychological, developmental, familial, social, and cultural factors to understand how mental illness develops and how to design effective treatments.

Revisit the case of the two Wes Moores discussed in M1: Assignment 2. Then, pretend that you are the prison psychologist who completed the evaluation of the Wes Moore convicted of murder.

Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, complete the following:

  • Gather information about the potential causes of Mr. Moore’s outcome.
  • Write a report of your findings to be filed in Mr. Moore’s chart and used by professionals who will be helping Mr. Moore. Address the following in your report:
    • Analyze how each of the following played a role in causing or affecting Mr. Moore’s troubled childhood and eventual imprisonment:
      • Biological factors (genetic and physiological)
      • Developmental factors
      • Psychological factors (emotional and related to thoughts)
      • Familial and social factors
      • Cultural factors (environmental and multicultural)
    • Evaluate how Mr. Moore’s troubled childhood and eventual imprisonment could have been prevented by early intervention. In addition, explain how that intervention could have been designed to address each of the following:
      • Psychological factors
      • Familial and social factors
      • Cultural factors
    • Recommend at least two ideas for treatment that Mr. Moore should have received in childhood, based on all of the following:
      • Biological factors
      • Psychological factors
      • Familial and social factors

Write a 3–5-page report in Word format (not including the title page and reference page). Include a title and reference page in APA format, and apply APA standards to citation of sources, including in-text citations and full references.

Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M1_A3.doc. For example, if your name is John Smith, your document will be named SmithJ_M1_A3.doc.

By Wednesday, October 1, 2014, deliver your assignment to the M1: Assignment 3 Dropbox.

Assignment 3 Grading Criteria
Maximum Points
Analyzed the roles of the biopsychosocial-cultural factors in causing or affecting Mr. Moore’s troubled childhood and eventual imprisonment.
Evaluated an early intervention that could have prevented Mr. Moore’s troubled childhood and eventual imprisonment, with respect to the listed biopsychosocial-cultural factors.
Recommended at least two ideas for a treatment that Mr. Moore should have received in childhood, with respect to the listed biopsychosocial-cultural factors.
Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.




The Concept of The Agile Port System

How will older ports like Baltimore, Philadelphia, etc. with limited real-estate available for expansion be able to compete with newer larger ports. Hint:think in terms of equipment, technologies, alliances and partnerships, business practices, etc. Submissions should be a minimum of 3 pages and APA format too.

Dr Smith Harvey Marketing Discussion

Need help with this marketing assignment.  Thank you.

Assignment 1: You should attempt both parts to this assignment Note: you should incorporate all sections of the various Acts/regulations where appropriate. Part 1: Case study Janet (taxpayer) residing in Australia is named as the sole beneficiary

Assignment 1: You should attempt both parts to this assignment 

Note: you should incorporate all sections of the various Acts/regulations 

where appropriate. 


Part 1: Case study 


Janet (taxpayer) residing in Australia is named as the sole beneficiary of a 

property (1.85 hectares) with a large homestead as a result of the death 

of a relative on 7/10/2010. The property is not used for commercial 

purposes and at the date of death, the property was valued at 

$1.45million. Settlement took place on 21/12/2010. After moving into the 

homestead shortly after taking ownership, she planned to take a one-year 

trip which she had been planning for some time in late 2011. The taxpayer 

felt that the homestead was far too large for her (she is single), applied to 

the ATO for an exemption for ABN registration and some fourteen months 

later (16/2/2012), she obtained council approval to subdivide the property 

into three, with the intention of building three units, one she will take up as 

her own residence, the other two will be sold. Work commenced some 

weeks after approval and on 12th December that same year, the 

taxpayer returned and moved into one of the apartments. The other two 

were sold in March/April in 2013, one selling for $1.35m (24/3/2013), the 

other for $1.45m (9/4/2013). 


You are to consider the CGT implications both from the relevant sections 

(ITAA), rulings, etc. and from the values (if/where applicable). Assume that 

the blocks are subdivided equally. For each determination that you make, 

you should clarify. You should also clarify what Capital Gains and CGT is in 

your answer (15 marks) 


Part 2: Question 

Explain using examples and relevant sections of the act, what the 

differences between Ordinary Income and Statutory income are. Use your 

own examples (not from MTG or Barkoczy text) (5 marks) 


guide lines:   this case study fall in which section? CGT events. sec 110-25, sec 104-110. support from ruling point of view?section 118 &sec 140.give some case study  NGUYENA VS TIMES. explain why normally people go for valuation?

PSYC, 2005 Discussion question, references needed,

 Recall a time when you had to form an impression about a situation so as to make a decision. For example, perhaps you applied for a job and needed to form an impression about your potential work environment to determine whether or not it was a fit for you. Or maybe you went to a party and wanted to size up the situation to decide whether to stay or move on to another evening activity.

•With respect to the situation you recalled, consider the following questions:

•What information did you use to size up or make inferences about the people and the social situation? How did you decide what information was important to use?
•What biases and past experiences influenced your impressions and decision making? Do you think aspects of your culture or views of a different culture impacted your impressions?
•How did you frame the decisions you had to make?
•How did your emotions, mood, and motives impact the inferences?
•What shortcuts (schemas, heuristics) did you use to form your inferences? How did these shortcuts help or hinder your decision-making process?
•What elements of your culture influence these schemas? Would a person from a different culture draw on a different schema?

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4a brief description of a specific social situation in which you formed an initial impression and needed to make a decision relative to that situation. Include the decision you needed to make. Then explain what information helped form your impressions and helped you to make the decision. Finally, briefly explain what schema or heuristics you used, how they facilitated or hindered your processing and decision making, and how the schema or heuristic might be founded in your culture.

what are the answers to thank you m’am page 24 in the language of literature book

what are the answers to thank you m’am page 24 in the language of literature book

Impact of Technology on Society

What is the impact that technology has had on our society? What would our world be like without it?

English 122 Academic Writing (Argument Essay)

Research Paper Assignment:


I want do my Research Paper in “The call of the wild” by Gary Snyder.


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Research Paper Assignment
General Guidelines
For the research paper assignment, you will choose a piece of literature from our reading list as the focus
of your writing.  You should begin your initial research about your chosen literature with some biographical information about the author then begin to read as much analysis of your particular selection as possible. When you are ready to begin writing your research paper, the biographical information should be very brief as an introduction to your literature. 

Keep in mind that the purpose of your paper is to critically analyze your chosen work, focusing on some
aspect of the overall work that helps to define and unify a central argument. Possible research questions
might include:
• What is unique about the work that makes it worthwhile?
• What technique(s) does the author use?
• What argument(s) are central to this piece?
• How effective are these argument(s)?
• What is unique about the way the writer presents these argument(s)?
• How do the writer’s techniques help define this piece as literature of importance?
These questions are not all inclusive but should serve as a guide as you are researching and reading.
Your finished paper should adhere to the following requirements:
• 2000-word scope
• One primary source (chosen piece of literature)
• No less than three credible, academic secondary sources (research)
• Correct use of in-text documentation and Works Cited page (MLA format)
Wikipedia and other WWW sources are not always reliable. You should be able to find biographical
information and some critical sources from the online library databases. Critical sources that you find
online should be from previously published articles in a reputable magazine, journal, or newspaper, and
can be found in an academic database.
The importance of a careful, methodical writing process should not be underestimated here. If your
research paper is not solidly grounded in each of these steps, your final product will be inadequate. Be
sure to use your instructor as a resource; contact him or her as needed during the formative stages of this
paper to insure that your work, albeit “rough,” is also efficient and substantial.

(Deleted) Macroeconomics 201