Reviewing simulation scenarios

1. You have developed a very robust implementation strategy here.  In relation to reviewing simulation scenarios, how will this be integrated to provide a supportive and effective learning strategy for the students.  You mention that you will have the support of the simulation lab technician, but have you developed strategy or carved out time for debriefing sessions or peer to peer evaluation of the learning events?  I understand you are collecting the data, but this can support a more enhanced experience and improved comprehension for the students, and drive positive data. Thoughts?


2.  Although you have focused your change project on building a higher quality program to support nursing skills and clinical practice, what aspects of this change have you approached from quality standpoint?  Were you able to include the organizational quality team as stakeholders to support your change plan development?  They have so many resources on to support skill, quality, and regulatory guidelines.  What seat did this team have in the development of your change project plans?  How will they continue to be involved?