1. Visual Arts Scavenger Hunt

Visual Arts Scavenger Hunt Matrix Scenario: You and a group of your friends have been talking about going on a trip to some different museums around the world. Before booking travel plans, you want to get a better idea of the types of artwork being featured in some of the museums. You have each decided to do some research before you come back together as a group to discuss where you want to go.

You have decided to research the following locations – the Louvre, the British Museum, and the Smithsonian – by completing a virtual tour of each location.


Go on a virtual scavenger hunt of these locations and complete the matrix below to gather information about the following genres within the visual arts: architecture, ceramics, crafts, design, drawing, filmmaking, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and video.


Write a 50- to 75-word description of each genre and provide at least one example. Be sure to describe the medium in a way that will make sense to others. An example has been provided for you to help you get started!


Genre/MediumNotes from Virtual TourDescription of Genre/MediumExample(s) of Genre/Medium
(Include the name and/or a picture of each genre.)
Example: Printmaking·         Create designs with ink

·         Most are on paper

·         Can be on fabric, plastic

·         Can include engraving or etching

·         Three major processes – relief, intaglio, and surface

Printmaking involves the process of creating designs or images with ink and is usually done on paper. Printmaking may also include the creation of designs on fabrics or plastic, as well as engraving or etching on other surfaces. There are three major printmaking processes: relief, intaglio, and surface printing. Apollinaire by Pablo Picasso

Source: Calligrammes; poèmes de la paix et da la guerre, 1913-1916, by Guillaume Apollinaire. Image by Pablo Picasso. 1918; Paris.