Biodiversity Show and Tell Worksheet

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Biodiversity Show and Tell Worksheet
BILD 3, Fall 2022, Dr. Sarah Stockwell
Your name, PID, section day/time: _________________________________________________________________________________
1. Use books/the Internet to choose a species you find interesting. Make sure enough is known about it to
allow you to answer the questions below.
2. On Canvas, go to the Google Slides document that has been set up for your discussion section. Check the
Slides document to see if someone else in your section has already chosen the same species. If they have, you
will need to choose something else. Once you have chosen a unique species, add a slide to the Slides document
with your species common name, scientific name, and your name, along with a photo of the species.
Complete these steps by AT LEAST 1 HOUR BEFORE your section.
3. Answer the questions below and bring this completed worksheet with you, on paper, to your section. You
will give a very brief presentation (about 1 minute) about your species in section. You don’t need to prepare
any other materials for the presentation. The presenter of the most interesting species will receive extra
Common and scientific name of selected species: ____________________________________________________________
1. How big is a typical individual of this species? If some individuals of this species are substantially larger
than others (e.g., due to sexual dimorphism), please describe that as well.

2. What does this species eat? If it does not eat, how does it get energy?
3. Write one sentence describing this species to someone who has never heard of or encountered it
4. In what ways do humans affect this species? In what ways does this species affect humans?
5. What other species eats your species? Is there another species that competes with your species for
resources such as food or space?
6. Where does this species live (geography) and what is its natural environment like (habitat)?
Copyright 2022 Sarah Stockwell. Do not distribute without permission.
7. Where on the tree of life is your species found? Write one of the taxa from the tree on the blank line, or
circle it on the tree below. _______________________________
(Image source: NASA Astrobiology Institute/Wikimedia Commons)
8. Why is it important for people to know about this species?
9. Please list 3 additional facts about your species that you think your peers will find interesting.
A good place to start is by asking yourself why this species is interesting to you. Why did you select it as
your species? (Hint: “It was the top result on Google” isn’t a good answer.) Test out your fun facts on your
10. List your sources here, including the URLs of websites you used. If you included the wording from a
source verbatim in your answers above, make sure those words are in quotation marks and indicate the