1 global studies essay | Social Science homework help


essay  3)  instructions : 

You design your own ECA(extra credit asisgnment) . As you know, Global Studies is both a transdisciplinary and a multidisciplinary field of study, and one of my goals for this course is that you are able to think globally in all contexts of your life: academically, professionally, personally… Thus, I challenge you to think globally about whatever you want and however you want, as long as you employ 2-3 course readings/concepts in your analysis. ​Design your own leading questions, choose your preferred authors and readings/videos, develop a strong argument, write a compelling essay. For this ECA specifically, you can write 1200-1500 words. For this ECA, specifically, grade A essays worth the next lowest full letter grade (see grading case scenario 1). 

Before you start: Write a brief outline of your essay explaining the point you will try to make (your argument/thesis) and discuss it with your TA. If you choose ECA option 3, your outline should be approved by me. Essays that were not previously approved will not be accepted.