1. For the Packet Preparation: Week 4 Assignment

Packet Preparation: Week 4

[WLO: 6] [CLO: 5]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review all previous activities, clearly identifying what packet you are completing. Also review the web article, Writing Sample Tips for a Job Application Links to an external site.. In addition, review all previous documents that reflect the importance of applying professional communications in all written material:

For the Packet Preparation: Week 4 Assignment, review the requirements based on your chosen packet:

Graduate School, Organizational, and Military Packets: This week you will fill out your application. If you have not done so yet, download the application that you intend to use for your packet. You may use the example in this course or an actual application you locate online or at a specific organization. You may do this on your computer or you may fill it out by hand and then scan to include, but please make certain that all fields are completed. If there is information you do not currently have, please note in the application “Not yet known”. Often the application is something that is not taken as seriously as the other materials in a promotion or hiring packet. How this application is presented can be crucial to being considered in any situation. Consider how legibly the application is. Does it look professional? Does it clearly identify all requested items?

You will also need to be considering the edits to previous documents you have submitted, so you will more easily be prepared for the final packet that you will submit in Week 5. Also be sure to send a reminder to the people you have asked to write you a reference letter, if you have not received yet.

Based on your chosen packet, upload the following to Waypoint:

Option 1: Graduate School Application Packet

Option 2: Organizational Application Packet

Option 3: Military Promotions Application Packet

Option 4: Generic Psychological Knowledge Packet

  • Letter
    • Address this letter to whomever you choose.
    • The letter must outline your forecasted completion of your degree and summarize your experiences and knowledge gained. In addition, discuss your strategies for successfully receiving your degree.
    • Must be one to two pages in length.
    • Must be formatted as a personal, but professional, letter to a friend or family member.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric Links to an external site.for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.