1. Discuss the features of surrealism

·  Discuss the features of surrealism in one Surrealist artwork (pp.915-922 Kleiner Ch 29).

·  Discuss Piet Mondrian’s concept of Neoplasticism (p. 922-23 Kleiner Ch 29).

·  Compare and contrast the visual stylistic features of surrealism and de Stijl.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

·  Artist’s name, title, date, media of one surrealist artwork; artist’s name, title, date, media of one De Stijl artwork.

·  Explain the underlying ideology of each stylistic movement and identify any significant cultural influences

·  Describe the visual features of each style by applying the visual elements (line, space, shape, color)

·  Compare and contrast the styles of surrealism and De Stijl