Read the article Slowbalisation

Read the briefing articles, “Slowbalisation”, The Economist, January 26, 2019, pg. 23-26, “Goodbye
Globalisation” and “Torn Apart”, The Economist, May 16, 2020, pg.7, and pg. 59-61. The articles are
available on Canvas AssignmentsWriting Assignment.

I have attached the articles below.

1. According to the briefing article “Slobalisation”, what is slowbalisation? Please refer to the eight
measures in the first two rows of Chart 1 in the article for details. What are the underlying causes of
slowbalisation mentioned in the article? (10 points)

2. According to the briefing article “Slobalisation”, how has the pattern of world trade and commerce
changed as globalization faded since 2008? According to the briefing article “Goodbye Globalisation”,
how has globalisation been affected by the covid-19 pandemic? (10 points)

3. According to the briefing article “Torn Apart”, what has been the trend for supply chains and
international commerce in recent years since 2017? Please refer to the Chart of Chain Reaction in the
article for details. How can firms/businesses adapt to the new era? (10 points)

Format: The report should be two to three pages, 1.5 line-spaced, 11-point font.

Do not merely copy the words or directly quote the sentences in the articles or line up unrelated
answers to the assignment questions. You may use as references the articles above, the textbook, and
your lecture notes. No other print or online sources are allowed. Please include your citations and
references using APA format if you cite the articles above and/